[TEST out of stock] side chain tweed dress


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The most beautiful silhouette in eve46 history.
Due to many requests, the tweed version has appeared from the side chain dress series! !
The gold chain on the side of the point sways with every step and looks gorgeous ◎ (The chain part is removable ◎)

The tweed is woven with lame and gold thread on a milky pink base, and the combination of the mature and cute fabric ✖️ gold chain is very gorgeous and perfect for the event season.

In order to make the most of the elegance of tweed, the neck and sleeve design has been exquisitely upgraded from the existing side chain series.

The A-line skirt enhances your style and is finished in an exquisite short length that is not too mini.

※ Wearing model: Height 158 ​​cm ~ Wearing M size ~

◆Color: Pink
◆ Size development: S, M
S [Length: 77/Bust: 92/Waist: 72]
M [Length: 80/Bust: 92/Waist: 72]
◆ Back zipper

*All measurements are in cm. *Some errors may occur depending on the method of measurement.
* The color of the actual product may look different due to the lighting.

* The product and image colors may differ slightly depending on the environment of your computer, smartphone, etc.

◆ Laundry
・Use a pressing cloth when ironing, and iron from the back side.
・When cleaning, turn it inside out and use a cleaning net.
・Please be careful about friction and hooks.
・Although parts that are easily rubbed will turn white, please understand that this is a characteristic of the material.
・If it gets wet with sweat or rain, do not rub it and use a towel to absorb it.
Please be aware that dark colored products may cause color transfer to other objects due to strong friction when wet with sweat or rain.
・Do not use a tumbler dryer.

・Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor if exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.

◆ Shipping time
*Currently, there may be delays in arrival due to the influence of the coronavirus, so please use this as a guideline for delivery.

*This price includes consumption tax.
*Shipping will be charged separately.


* Since the product image is taken as a sample, there may be changes in the size and color of the actual product. Reprinting or diversion for commercial purposes of anything provided by eve46, such as product images, website images and videos, is strictly prohibited.
If found, we will take legal action.

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